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LEXR uses AI from Legartis for contract reviews

David Alain Bloch on the left - Christian Meisser on the right

What happens when two young dynamic companies join forces? They pool together their potential and create added value for clients. LEXR is now using artificial intelligence from Legartis as a means of speeding up data processing agreement (DPA) reviews for large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

DPAs are indispensable for technology companies in particular, as they are a legal requirement. Many technology companies have larger companies as clients or partners. Often, a company’s own standard contract cannot be enforced easily, so DPAs are negotiated and reviewed. This can take a long time, as such contracts can consist of 20 or more pages.

The contract review process is much faster with Legartis’s artificial intelligence, which automatically analyses contracts and delivers precise results within seconds using machine learning and natural language processing. This automated process means that contracts are reviewed to an unlimited extent using minimal resources. But for many smaller companies, contract review software has previously been too expensive or there has been insufficient human resources planning.

LEXR removes these obstacles for small and medium-sized enterprises. The law firm specialises in technology companies and its goal is to sustainably improve customer satisfaction through its legal services. Significantly shorter contract review times are a real win for everyone. ‘Legartis’s sophisticated AI technology will allow us to review data processing agreements faster and more efficiently. Our clients and lawyers are happy about this faster process, as they can now give their full attention to the important legal aspects. And this certainly gives us a cost advantage that we can pass on to our clients,’ says Christian Meisser, LEXR CEO.

The collaboration is also very much a win for Legartis. Feedback from LEXR supports Legartis in further developing its platform in a client- and user-centric way. David Alain Bloch, Legartis CEO & Co-Founder, says: ‘We are delighted that LEXR is using the Legartis solution to offer its clients high-quality contract reviews at an attractive price. This collaboration will allow small and medium-sized tech companies to now also benefit from Legartis software.’

Interested companies now have access to fast and efficient DPA reviews. You can find more information about the new offering on LEXR’s website.


About LEXR

With the mission to improve the user experience when it comes to legal services, the now more than ten-strong LEXR team focuses on the combination of digitalized processes in the background and direct exchange with technology-savvy lawyers in the foreground. To ensure full price transparency, LEXR mainly works with packages and flat fees agreed in advance.

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