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One Legal AI for all your contracts

Legartis is your Legal AI assistant for contract reviews and your archived contract documents. 


For contract reviews in your legal department

Use Legartis Legal AI for Data Processing Agreements (DPA), software license agreements, terms and conditions (GTC), commercial contracts, framework agreements, contracts for work, and many more.

  • Accelerated contract review time by up to 80%
  • Standardization of review processes
  • Reduced business risks

For contract reviews in business units 

Review standard contracts such as non-disclosure agreements right at their point of entry

  • Accelerated business processes
  • Easing the load on the legal department
  • Consistent application of company policies

For data extraction from thousands of contracts

Face unexpected events, such as changes in legislation, with calm. With Legartis Legal AI, you always know which contracts to focus on.

  • Review of thousands of contracts for specific content
  • Reports on business risks always at hand
  • Easy integration into your CLM

Why Legartis Legal AI?


Quick and easy to use - for all teams

Legartis is so simple that even non-lawyers can check contracts themselves after only 1 training session.


For all contracts and thousands of documents

Whether during or after contract negotiations: with Legartis, you're always in command of your contract details. 


Latest AI technology with high data security

Experience cutting-edge AI technology, with your data securely kept in Switzerland and never shared with third parties.


Highly adaptable to your needs

You decide what and how it's reviewed: Legartis flexibly adapts to your preferences.

The right solution for many teams

Legartis lightens our load and makes us more productive. Additionally, with Legartis, I'm confident that all required DPA clauses are indeed present in the contract.
Laurence Hulliger
Head of Legal Commercial, IP & Technology
I recommend Legartis to companies that want to use their legal resources efficiently and simultaneously empower more employees for an initial contract review
Dr. Marc Hansmann
Director Legal & Governance
Arvato Supply Chain Solutions
The routine task of NDA contract review is better addressed with AI than by costly resources in the legal department. In our company, there's now someone in every agency who can review NDAs with Legartis.
Norbert Knapp
Chief Commercial Officer
Publicis Group

Zürcher Kantonalbank

The Legal & Compliance department of Zürcher Kantonalbank uses Legartis' artificial intelligence for contract review.

Marc hansmann -portrait

Arvato Bertelsmann

Arvato Bertelsmann implements Legartis AI in and outside the legal department for accelerated DPA review.



Schnellecke relies on AI to enable specialist employees to check standard contracts themselves.

A Legal AI - made for humans

Pre-trained AI: ready to use from day 1. Is a Pro in German and English.
Adapts seamlessly to your workflow. Compatible with Microsoft Word. 
Enables unlimited automation of contract review.

And it doesn't stop here

Use Legartis for thousands of archived documents

Legartis extracts the key data points from your archived contracts. Quickly and fully automated. Enhance your CLM with this data. Or conduct legal analyses across all your contracts.

Identify at a glance where action is needed.

Unleash the full potential of Legartis

Say goodbye to lengthy, complex contract processes! Legartis' AI empowers legal, sales, and procurement teams to efficiently handle contract reviews on a large scale.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does legal AI mean?
Legal AI describes the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in legal areas. At Legartis, AI is used for contextual contract analysis in the pre-signing phase of a contract. The AI recognises clauses, legal concepts, synonyms and compares them with stored company guidelines.
Do you have to train the AI yourself?
At Legartis, the AI is ready to work for you from day one. It arrives pre-trained. The Legartis team trains the AI on various clause types and legal concepts beforehand.
Which languages does Legartis understand?
Legartis automatically recognises German and English. Other languages can be trained on demand.
Which clauses does Legartis’ AI recognise?
To ensure that Legartis' AI can recognise contract language from different legal systems, it has been trained with contracts from different legal systems (i.e. English language contracts under Common Law and Civil Law, German contracts from all DACH countries).
Which legal systems does Legartis AI recognise?
To ensure that Legartis' AI can recognise contract language from different legal systems, it was trained with contracts from different legal systems (i.e. English language contracts under common law and civil law, German contracts from all DACH countries).
What types of contracts does Legartis AI recognise?
Legartis’ AI can recognise general contract clauses such as liability, warranty and termination in any contract type. In addition, there are contract type-specific modules for standardised contracts such as NDAs, DPAs and GTCs. The availability of more complex contracts is constantly being expanded upn in cooperation with our customers.