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About Us

Our mission is simple: To be the prime LegalTech company that brings legal documents to life and makes information in documents accessible and useful – for everyone in any language.


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LegalTech Requires a Human-Centric Approach

At Legartis, we are re-imagining the way that contracts are reviewed. Our SaaS solution analyses contracts, just like a human would, but with the added help of AI, it cuts through the clutter. Our customers and their teams can then achieve their mission faster and with less risk.

Technology is at our core, but empathy and trust form our core. We always strive to consider the human aspect before data, processes or technology. That is why we co-create our solutions in tandem with our customers.


Multidisciplinary Team-Builders

Legartis’ leadership team is a proven dream team of innovative executives with legal, tech, AI and business management experience. With that said; all of our colleagues are full of ideas and our leaders are here to provide a platform where these ideas can flourish.


Our Ambitious Colleagues

Our passionate and hard-working colleagues unite to solve some of the toughest AI and machine learning problems in the LegalTech industry. Everyone contributes and is part of the core foundation that defines Legartis.

Award-Winning Team

Teamwork is paramount to us

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