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How Your Business Will Benefit From Legartis

  • Legartis is an award-winning Legal AI solution designed to automate contract review processes.
  • Ready to use from day one, Legartis combines artificial intelligence with an intuitive user experience.
  • Legartis’ artificial intelligence automatically analyzes contracts and delivers precise results within seconds.
  • Legal, sales and procurement teams rely on Legartis to enhance quality and consistency in contract review.

Legartis accelerates DPA reviews at Arvato

"The manual review of a data protection agreement takes around 45 - 60 minutes - even by an experienced lawyer. It depends on the scope and complexity of the agreement. With Legartis, we can reduce the initial review of a DPA to under 10 minutes."

Dr. Marc Hansmann, Director Legal & Governance,  Arvato Supply Chain Solutions