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Artificial Intelligence
in Contract Review: Game Changer for Mid-Sized Companies

A LegalTech guide for optimizing collaboration between legal, sales and procurement teams.

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  • Solution Brief

Legartis for Legal Teams

Legartis makes contract review almost infinitely scalable. Automate recurring contract review tasks and focus on more complex contract drafting and negotiation challenges.

  • Solution Brief

Legartis for Sales Teams

Minimize your workload and time spent reviewing contracts, lead your sales team seamlessly towards contract closure and ensure full compliance with corporate policies.

  • Solution Brief

Legartis for Procurement

Review supplier contracts in an automated and scalable manner, benefit from optimal purchasing conditions and devote your time to better negotiations with your business partners.

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  • Guide

LegalTech Guide

Learn in our free guide how the digitalization trend is driving the legal industry and which success factors companies should look out for when launching a LegalTech project with artificial intelligence.

Legal Tech Map
  • Map

LegalTech Map

You would like to get an overview of the main legal tech providers for contract management and how they compare? Download the handy overview for all relevant information on the key players in the legal tech market.

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Legartis Live Demo

Ready to use from day one, Legartis combines artificial intelligence with an intuitive user experience. Unleash the full potential of LegalTech for your contract review.

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