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How Legartis Prompts work

To make it even easier for you to automate your contract review, the Legartis Prompt Library is available for the most common use cases. Use the predefined Legartis prompts to quickly automate your most important clauses.

1. Go to Legartis Prompts

For example: would you like to have the duration of the notice period automatically checked and approved?

  • Go to the Legartis Prompts
  • Select from the predefined criteria
  • Follow the instruction

2. Select the prompt conditions

Legartis guides you through the selection of the prompt conditions for the cancellation period:

  • Simple sequence for making the selection
  • Intuitive drop-down navigation
  • Predefined conditions

3. Save your automation

Now save the selection for the company requirement that is to be automatically checked and approved in future contracts.

  • Automation completed within 1 minute
  • High degree of customisation
  • Company requirement immediately released for automation

Legartis prompts for immediate acceleration

Instant automation of your most important clauses
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Child's play - no prompting experience required 
High test quality of the AI due to widely tested prompts

Unleash the full potential of Legartis

Say goodbye to lengthy, complex contract processes!

Legartis' AI empowers legal, sales, and procurement teams to efficiently handle contract reviews on a large scale.