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Streamlined Contract Review with Color Codes

Color codes make your contract review easier and adapt to your individual review process.

Color codes for a quick overview

Color markings indicate which text passages have already been reviewed and approved, which are intended for removal, or which still need to be checked. 

  • Green: task is done
  • Red: Clause needs to be deleted
  • Yellow: Clause needs verification

Clickable sentences

Work as usual in a document. Click on a sentence to complete a task. 

  • Click on a sentence
  • Task instantly appears in the add-in
  • Easily complete the task

Color Change for Completed Tasks

The color marking works along with you. As soon as you complete a task, it is immediately color-highlighted in the document.

  • Complete a task in the add-in
  • Instant color change to green

Work with Color Codes 

Get an instant overview of your contract work
For a quick navigation in your contract 
Adapts to your individual contract review process

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Say goodbye to lengthy, complex contract processes!

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