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Everything You Need To Know About Legartis NDA Checker

NDA Checker

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) are essential documents that protect all parties involved but are especially important for professionals working in the legal field. After all, the threat of an ex-employee, contractor, or supplier stealing clients or intellectual property has the potential to cause monumental damage for the organisation — and, therefore, you too.

Businesses spend close to $125bn per year on security (1), herein the majority is focused on securing against external threats. In truth, the internal dangers posed by ex-employees (2) are far greater.

NDA’s serve a huge purpose, but only if you use them correctly. Can the Legartis NDA Checker help you achieve the best results when reviewing? Here’s all you need to know.

The Legartis NDA Checker Gives You Optimum Protection

Putting an NDA in place is a step in the right direction, but it counts for very little if it doesn’t hold up in court. The Legartis Contract Intelligence Solution uses A.I to ensure that and agreement is legally sound and covers every point of potential contests. As a legal professional, this helps you provide the very best service.

By simply adding your own company playbook policies, the Legartis Solution will highlight all the unacceptable or missing clauses in your document.

The cutting-edge technology understands the terminology and the way that sentences are structured. Legartis works with legal professionals who teach the machine, their role is to help Legartis AI solution to understand each clause as well as a human.

Thanks to our machine teacher meticulous work, the Legartis software is capable of spotting potentially misleading clauses and providing actionable advice on how to change the sentence structure accordingly.

As NDA’s are all about data security, the Legartis solution is supported by a robust encryption barrier to preserve confidentiality (ISO 27001 certified and FINMA RS 08/7 compliant providers exclusively), Keeping your companies contracts secure and giving you and your company peace of mind.

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The Legartis NDA Checker Saves Time & Money

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In addition to boasting better protection than NDAs reviewed by humans, the Legartis NDA checker completes the job up to 10x faster than manual work. This is before you factor in potential human errors.

This ultimately results in saved time and money while the team can focus on value-adding matters rather than manually checking up on NDA contracts.

The Legartis NDA Checker Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

No two organisations are the same, and a lack of flexibility and customisation are often what stops software from being useful. Essentially, these examples of software have the right intentions but execute ideas in a way that brings poor results, which will inevitably impact your work as a legal professional.

At Legartis, our NDA checker is built with legal professionals in mind. This means that you and your team get to set your company policies before you start reviewing your NDA’s. Once you have put your policies in place, the analysis and the review of your document is automated — and you can always decide to adjust the policies in our solution if need be.

It means that the Legartis software isn’t only an NDA checker; it’s your NDA checker. Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from it, making it the perfect tool for lawyers and legal teams across the country.


If you have any reason to use NDAs in your business activities (you almost certainly do), the Legartis NDA Checker will save time and money while producing the very best results for years to come.

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