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Automated contract review that delivers results within seconds
Pre-trained artificial intelligence ready for use after 30 minutes of onboarding
Microsoft Office 365 compatible, allowing users to work in their familiar environment


Artificial Intelligence for Your Legal Department

Artificial Intelligence for Your Legal Department

Legartis enables you to digitalize contract review and automate recurring tasks in your legal department. This is all underpinned by state-of-the-art developments in artificial intelligence.
Link Between Specialist and Legal Departments

Link Between Specialist and Legal Departments

Legaris optimises cooperation between your legal department and other specialist departments in the company. This ensures greater speed and agility in the contract review process.
Many Stakeholders, One Voice

Many Stakeholders, One Voice

Legartis supports your legal department in standardizing workflows related to contract review. This ensures smooth cooperation between all parties involved as well as consistent compliance with your corporate guidelines.

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Close Contracts More Efficiently with Artificial Intelligence

Legartis automates the analysis and review of incoming contracts and speeds up the contracting process for sales, procurement and legal departments. Reap the benefits and close contracts in hours instead of weeks.


Intelligent LegalTech for Contract Review

I was impressed by the potential of automated contract review based on artificial intelligence.
Felix Braun, Legal Counsel

Efficient Contract Review, Frictionless Cooperation

The Legartis solution supports Daimler in optimising its legal processes and helps to make its contract review process more efficient.
Pietro Brambilla, Head of Digital Transformation, Integrity and Legal Affairs

Legal Teams


Legartis automates contract review and allows your legal department to focus on more complex drafting and negotiation challenges.

Sales Teams


Legartis shows you in seconds what it takes to comply with your corporate guidelines and enables you to close customer deals quicker.

Procurement Teams


Legartis increases efficiency in contract review and helps procurement teams dedicate more time to negotiating better conditions.

Unleash the Full Potential of Legartis

Bid farewell to time-consuming, complicated contract review processes! Legartis' artificial intelligence supports legal, sales and procurement teams in getting contract reviews accomplished at scale.