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Legartis Accelerates Your Contract Review and Increases Precision

Automate recurring contract review tasks and focus on more complex contract drafting and negotiation challenges.


How Legartis Helps Your Legal Team

Automate Recurring Tasks

Legartis automates repetitive contract review tasks so that your team can focus their time on more value-adding work.

Speed Up Your Review Processes

With Legartis, you can review contracts in minutes instead of hours. This reduces your internal business partners waiting time to a minimum.

Minimize Legal Risks with Precision 

Legartis digitalizes your corporate policies, makes standard contractual clauses available at the touch of a button and ensures consistent compliance with your requirements.

Benefit from Award-Winning LegalTech

Legartis is a multi-award-winning artificial intelligence-based LegalTech solution that helps you to seamlessly digitalize your contract review processes.

Automated Contract Review
with Artificial Intelligence

Legal teams use Legartis’ artificial intelligence to seamlessly analyze incoming contracts. Ready to use from day one, Legartis ensures efficient stakeholder collaboration and consistent compliance with company policies.

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Legartis makes contract review almost infinitely scalable. You can find out more details about the use cases of Legartis in our Solution Brief.


Get to Know Our Contract Review Solution

Legartis speeds up the contact review process and significantly reduces processing times. Discover the full potential of Legartis in an online demo.

Key Benefits


One Solution for all Contract Types

Legartis automates the review of confidentiality agreements, contract data agreements and other types of contracts in a single solution.


Many Stakeholders, One Voice

Standardizing the contract review process ensures seamless handovers, reduces sources of error and enables efficient collaboration in your organization.


Flexible Integration into Processes

The solution adapts flexibly and easily to your contract review processes without expensive hardware or complicated installation.


No Training Period Necessary

Legartis' artificial intelligence is fully trained when you receive it and can be used for contract review from day one.


I was impressed by the potential of automated contract review based on artificial intelligence.

Felix Braun, Legal Counsel, HAWE Hydraulik

Unleash the Full Potential of Legartis

Bid farewell to time-consuming, complicated contract review processes! Legartis’ artificial intelligence supports your legal team in getting contract reviews accomplished at scale.